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Web site design

Q: Are all the Web sites based on fixed templates?
A: The Starter and Standard sites are based on pre-made templates which are then customised with your colours and images relevant to your business. Custom Web sites are designed from scratch to your exact requirements.

Q: Don't all template designs look the same?
A: No, each site can be altered in many different ways, colours, fonts, images and page layout. So even though they are derived from a template, each will be unique.

Q: Can the designs be 'upgraded'
A: Yes, you can have extra pages added and incorporate new features as your business grows. We can add photo galleries, animated Flash sequences, response forms, order forms and even expand then to allow online shopping.

Q: How long will it take to build my new Web site?
A: Most Starter and Standard web site designs can be completed within two working days. Registering your domain name and allowing the new name to propagate through the web also takes about 48 hours.

Q: What are the on-going costs of the web site?
A: The initial fee you pay includes setting up the site, hosting the site and email for 1 year and registering your domain name (where applicable) for 1 year. After the 1st year you will pay to renew your domain name registration and for the hosting. Domain registration for 1 year is £10 and hosting for 1 year £59.

Q: How can I make changes to my site?
A: During the setup phase of the site you can change the text by emailing us new text of text changes. Once the site is live you can still send us changes as required. Updates are charged at £30 per hour, accumulated over the calendar month and rounded up to the quater hour.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Q: What is Search Engine Optimisation?
A: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring that every possible element of a web site is written in such a way as to be easily digested and understood by search engines. This includes the visible areas and the 'invisible' ones and extends to the way the web site is referenced from external sites. An well optimised site will then stand a much better chance of achieving a high position in the search engine results.

Q: Where do you start when optimizing?
A: The first step is to understand the objectives of the site and the target audience. From this we then research and create a list of keywords, many of these will be self evident, but there are many other phrases that may not be obvious at first glance.

Q: What is on-page and off-page optimization?
A: On page optimization is the process of updating the html content of the page. This includes titles, headings, body text alt tags, link text and so on. It also includes reviewing the site directory and file name structures. Off page optimization is the process of creating inbound links and references from other sites such as directories, blogs, forums, social sites etc.

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