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SEO finger on the pulseOptimising your web site to be as helpful as possible to search engines, in particular Google, will help achieve higher positions in search queries and hence increase the organic traffic to your site. Optimisation has little to do with the appearance of the site, it is all to do with what is 'under the skin' and how the copy is written. A well optimised site will be just as accessible to human visitors as it is to search engine robots.

We have over 10 years experience in building web sites that perform well, and a loyal client list that reaps the benefits of increased web site traffic. One of our clients recorded a 40% increase in traffic in January 2009 compared to January 2008 - and that is in the face of the recession. It makes sense to make your web site work as hard as possible.

Don't take our word for it - we are happy to refer you to our clients for examples of how their sites have achieved top rankings.

We can offer a range of SEO services from a web site health check to a complete on line marketing strategy analysis, campaign creation and site rebuild.

SEO Health Check

We can undertake a review of your site and report on how well optimised it is both internally and in terms of in bound links. We charge £30 per hour for this service and as a guide a typical small site takes about 2 hours.

Web Site Rebuild

Many sites look perfect and visually need no changes, but in many cases simply rebuilding the site to make them more efficient and more search engine friendly can provide huge gains. For this type of project we would undertake an analysis of your business objectives in connection with your web site, research key words and make recommendations on the best solution to generate more traffic.

New Site Optimisation

This process is approached in a similar way to the site rebuild, the key word analysis if done prior to the creation of the copy for the site can help influence how the copy is actually drafted for best effect. The site can then be built around distinct key word themes for optimum results.

PPC and on-going optimisation

We can manage your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns for you and use our experience to help reduce your spend and increase your click through rate. This service is based on a percentage of your monthly PPC budget. We can also provide continuous monitoring of statistics and use site analytics to continuously improve the site optimisation.

To enquire about any of these SEO services please call 01487 773652 to discuss your needs.

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